Skin Match Technology

Skin Match Technology

Connecting Data to cut through the clutter of the beauty industry for everyone involved.


We are the industry leader in online beauty recommendations and analytics. Our service makes looking for the right makeup or skin-care product surprisingly fast and positive, so you will spend less time searching for the right fit, and more time finding solutions. We are the No. 1 resource in beauty brands for getting to know customers.


We know every aspect of the beauty industry and make it our goal to be the perfect linking point between customers, retail outlets, and beauty brands.


Estella Benz is a seasoned executive-level professional with more than eight years’ experience in brand management, marketing, advertising, and communications. Applying her education from the Swiss Marketing and Advertising Institute, where she earned accredited diplomas in executive communications and planning, as well as marketing credentials from the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (Switzerland), Estella has successfully managed campaigns for start-up companies, as well as companies grossing $400 million-plus in revenue. Adding to her education with a certificate in creative enterprise ownership from the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York), Estella combined her passion for beauty and cosmetics to develop Skin Match Technology.


Robert has several years’ experience as a web and mobile-app developer and designer in Switzerland and the United States. He studied Visual Communications at the Zurich University of the Arts. Prior to SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY, Robert co-founded Odoson, an award-winning design and interaction agency. His work has been honored with the Swiss E-Commerce Award, the Swiss Tourism Award and the “Best of Swiss Web“ Award, among other accolades.