Skin Match Technology

Skin Match Technology for Beauty Brands

Keep control of your brand image
and gain in depth customer insights.


Why Skin Match Technology

As a beauty brand, your goal is to sell the right product to the right customer and have control over your brand image. We help you bring the right product to the right customer and expand your offer to create long lasting brand loyalty.

Manage your products right.

Guard your brand image, reach the customers that benefit most from your product and get in-depth customer insights.

Manage your Products

With Skin Match Technology, you have the opportunity to upload your brand products and gain control over descriptions, images, ingredient publications, and every aspect of your product, displayed at your retailer. Adjust products as they change so retail partners have the opportunity to sell your product with consultations on the highest level.

Gain Customer Insight

For every product connected to Skin Match Technology, we gather data on your unique customer segment through every retail partner connected to us. Field and desk research are yesterday’s news. With Skin Match Technology, you gain real-time insights into buying behavior, demographics, and customer needs – 24/7!

Advertising Advantage

Not sure which model is the right one for your next campaign or where to hang your billboard? You will never have to guess again. With Skin Match Technology, you will gain insight into customers‘ ethnicity, age, skin types, allergies, and surroundings, and know where your customers are coming from.

Product Development

Gain knowledge about seasonality, purchase behavior, and brand/product loyalty. Know what products to push, which to remove from the market, and which product categories to develop further.

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