Digital beauty consultation
at the highest level

Seamless beauty shopping

Shopping for cosmetics will no longer involve time-consuming research for your customers. We offer them a personalized filter, providing your customers with best-fit product recommendations as part of their regular shopping process. We can deliver a unique and personalized shopping experience online and in-store for retail and beauty clients.


Get personal
with your consultation

Let your customers feel recognized and valued as individuals with Skin Match Technology. We determine the components for every product, such as price, size, usage, and ingredients. The algorithm connects shoppers with the products and generates 100% personalized product suggestions.

How it works


The customer fills out a brief questionnaire without leaving your store. Some basic questions about his or her skin, product preferences, lifestyle, and location will then guide the Skin Match algorithm in providing meaningful matches between customer needs and suitable products in your store.


The customer browses your product selection as usual, but thanks to the Skin Match Indicator can instantly see which products match his or her profile the best.


On entering the product detail page, the customer is presented with a detailed and 100% personalized list of reasons-why, that explain exactly why a product is or isn’t a good match.