Skin Match Technology

Skin Match Technology for Retail

Beauty consultation
on a higher level.

Profile Based Consultation

Shopping for cosmetics will no longer be a hassle for your customers. We are a market filter for your customers, providing best-fit product recommendations in a brand-agnostic way, delivering a unique and personalized shopping experience online and in-store.


Get personal in your consultation.

Get personal in your consultations. Let your customers feel recognized and valued as individuals with Skin Match Technology.

Online Profile

Your customers simply fill out a brief questionnaire that will guide us in matching products to their individual needs whenever they log in. Our questionnaire will be built so that customers can fill it out without needing to know about their skin type or beauty-specific terminology. We will give them enough explanatory information so that they can easily answer all of the questions. Furthermore, we will ask them about their age, lifestyle (stress and sleep levels), any allergies, and their location.

Curated Shopping

Every product on our website will have a Skin Match Indicator that shows how compatible the product is with the customer’s skin. The retailer will gain a competitive advantage. Every product on the retailer’s website has a Skin Match Indicator that shows customers how compatible the product is with their profile. In the United States, 57% of Internet users said product reviews from experts are the most valuable source of information when making purchase decisions.

How it Works

We determine components for every product, such as price, size, usage, and ingredients. The software connects shoppers with products, matching those components with the customer’s profile. This allows the site to build a network between the shopper’s profile and matching products, and to generate product suggestions. In the meantime, the site gathers data about all customers’ buying behavior and preferences, which allows beauty brands to analyze sales, products, and customers.

Advertising Advantage

Never guess again where your customers are coming from and what they are buying online and in stores. With Skin Match Technology, you will gain insights into their ethnicity, age, skin types, allergies, and surroundings, and know where your customers are coming from.
Keep control of your brand image and gain in-depth customer insights.

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