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Enabling Beauty Brands and Retail to deliver digital product consultation on the highest level. Powered by AI.

Beauty AI
Your Skin Match

Stop searching.
Start finding.

Stop endless browsing to find the right beauty products and start seeing best-fit products first. Activate your personal Skin Match Profile and start discovering matching products covering all your needs and personal preferences. We include a full explanation for each match with relevant and transparent information tailored to your unique profile.

Skin Care

Don’t settle, find products that truly suit you and fulfill all your skin care needs.

Hair loss, itchy scalp or damaged hair repair, we got you covered.

Find age and skin type appropriate products for an amazing look.

Dear men, Skin Match is made for you: Select, find, purchase, done.


Your values. Our

Your skin’s health and your values are our number-one priority. No matter what your values, needs, and preferences or allergies are, we will guide you in finding the products that suit you perfectly. In fact, our very own ingredient database allows us to match products with the highest accuracy, resulting in happy and loyal customers.

Cruelty Free

Full transparency about animal testing and harming ingredients like palm oil and microplastic.


If you go vegan with your food, why not your skin care and makeup?


We show you which products are 100% natural and made out of valuable botanicals.


Parabens, preservatives, alcohol, perfume – you name it, we declare it.


Keeping up your refreshed, young and beautiful appearance is our number one goal.


Allergies? No problem, we detect each and every allergen - even if you don't know what you are allergic to.

Sun Protection

Get that extra SPF with your moisturizer our foundation. The #1 for anti-aging!


One click and we block comedogenic ingredients for you.

Because of Skin Match, I only buy products that are perfect for my skin. I have bought very expensive products before, based on a consultation with a sales rep, that absolutely didn’t fit. The result was a blemish-covered face. I had never bought anything from this brand ever again. Thanks to Skin Match, I found out that I had only received a bad consultation, and that a cheaper moisturizer, from the same brand, actually works perfectly for my skin.

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