Skin Match Technology

Digital Beauty Consultation

Digital Beauty Consultation on the highest level – with Skin Match Technology.

Skin Match Technology for Retail

We connect your customers to your beauty-product offerings and provide each customer with personalized beauty-product consultation – online and in-store!



Skin Match Technology for Beauty Brands

Beauty brands that integrate their products with SKIN MATCH TECHNOLOGY not only support their brands‘ product suggestions to retail customers they also profit from never-seen-before customer insights.

Skin Match Technology for Shoppers

Simply fill out a brief questionnaire about your skin, lifestyle, and location. It will guide us in matching the perfect beauty products to your individual needs. Try it for free at


The Technology

Skin Match Technology is a unique retail technology for the beauty industry. It connects product and customer data to cut through the clutter, to offer beauty product consultations on a higher level, and to support brand managers with thorough customer insights. Our technology has been developed in conjunction with independent experts, including dermatologists, ingredient specialists, allergists, and makeup artists. Matching product and customer data gives retailers a unique sales profile, giving customers the best possible product matches through this new type of customer insight. Try it for free!

Try it for free!

Skin Match Technology is the first-ever beauty software, matching your unique profile and needs with the right beauty products.
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